Welcome to Unity College

Welcome to Unity College of Arts and Commerce, a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to discovery, to making knowledge matter, and to developing all of its members to their utmost potential.
We invite you all to gather here at Unity College to pursue academic qualifications that are appropriate for each of you. Here we have the people to teach, protect, guide, support and help you all to complete your academic qualifications no matter what the subject, whether it be the English language, Humanities, or Commerce.
Learning and education never end at the classroom door. Therefore, it is our goal to further the growth and development of our students outside of the classroom through the various programs and opportunities we provide on a daily basis. We guarantee that you will always find something to do, day or night, to enhance your college experience! Unity College is full of rich spirit, traditions, culture, and history so be sure to get involved and take advantage of all that college life has to offer and gain a true sense of the community you are a part of.

A very warm welcome to you all.
Dr. Sanjay Chhabra
Principal, Unity College

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Campus Events

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